About Voice for Indi (V4I)

"The relationship between the one hundred and fifty Federal MPs and by extension their communities is the foundation block of our national system of democracy - not tabloid owners or other powerful interest groups or individuals.  But for this relationship to work properly, MPs and their constituents need to engage with one another constructively and respectively" (From a Switch in Time, Mary Crooks, 2012). 

Voice for Indi (V4I) aims to become the voice for the people of Indi, and to act as the conduit to our federal representative; to rebuild the relationship between our politicians and the people and create a new standard for politics in Australia.  

The Voice for Indi committee was set up by 12 residents of Indi who share a common goal of strengthening the relationship between community and policy-makers.  The committee intends to operate as a financially strong and long term organisation. Voice for Indi will work on developing a system for community engagement and providing a new means of political action.  We aim to mobilise a voting public that is well informed and engaged, and develop political representation that is receptive and representative of the broader community.  There is a need for a strong voice from civil society that carries a clear and powerful message. 

"There can be no grand design... Every decision is - rightly- different and particular.  Democracy is the conversation amongst equals to determine what constitutes good life and the good society." J Rutherford & H Shah (2006)